The Mob Museum in Las Vegas.

Located on Freemont Street just a few miles from the strip in an old courthouse that once upon a time was actually used to try Mobsters is one of the best museums in Vegas.ย  It offers three floors of history beginning with prohibition and leading all the way up to the present day. In the basement there is also a speak easy saloon with drinks from back in the day served in small bottles inside carved out books. You can easily spend three or four hours wandering around reading historical facts and listening to guides in period costumes telling stories. Donโ€™t skip the speak easy. The drinks are slightly overpriced as is to be expected but worth a quick stop. You can also buy drinks upstairs in the gift shop and enjoy them as you walk around the museum. Whether you are into the prohibition era gangsters, the Goodfella era mob or even modern day organized crime I highly recommend an afternoon off the strip at the well done homage to crime.