Another stop on our McDonalds World Tour. This is the first country we have visited where the number of Burger Kings far out numbers the amount of McDonalds. The menu in Turkey has all the old favorites as well as some local treats. First thing we noticed is it is very cheap here. A Big Mac meal goes for $2.50 to $3. They have the McCafe here as well with all the coffees and sweets however the Turkish people love their traditional coffee and it’s available everywhere for a fraction of McDonalds prices. Same goes for the sweets. My favorite item here was the Kofte Burger by far. The seasonings on the meat with the special bun was great.

The Kofteburger  features a Turkish-spiced minced beef patty with a toasted special bun with what appears to be dried parsley on top, filled with ketchup, onions, lettuce, and  yogurt sauce

A Kofteburger in a warm pita wrap

The Mega Mac

McOnion Rings

Fried Apple or Cherry Pie a la Mode, swirled with caramel and topped with some sort of syrup

Chocolate Orange Pie which is a chocolate pie with orange-flavored chocolate filling

Brownies a la Mode with a cherry on top and your choice of caramel, chocolate, or blackberry sauce

Apple Cinnamon Sundaes